Royal Wedding – Rates of Pay and Time Off in Lieu

Posted: 14th April 2011

The Royal wedding has already put an extra bank holiday into the calendar on the 29th of the month and the House of Lords has reacted by allowing pubs an extra two hours of drinking time on the 29th and 30th of the month, so it looks like being a lively weekend.

For employers, however, the question arises of what to do about the ‘extra’ bank holiday as regards the entitlements of their employees.
As regards payment for the holiday, the contract of employment of the employee will determine the need to pay. In most cases, employers will not be required to pay staff for the bank holiday.
The rate of pay which applies for staff who work on the bank holiday will also depend on the contract of employment. There is no statutory right to overtime rates of pay or to time off in lieu for working on the 29th.
However, employers will need to balance the strict letter of the law against the need to maintain employee goodwill.
If you have concerns about any employment law matter or wish to revise your contracts of employment in the light of the recent developments as regards the default retirement age or any other matter, contact us for advice.