Companies House Warns - Get Your Accounts Right

Posted: 18th March 2011

With many companies having just passed a 31 December year end or coming up for a 31 March year end, it seems a good time to remind directors of the need to make sure that when accounts are filed, they will be accepted by Companies House.
Failure to file accounts on time (by which we mean accounts in a form acceptable to the registrar of Companies) can bring fines.
Surprisingly, therefore, recent figures from a review carried out by Companies House reveal that, in the period they reviewed, 11 per cent of accounts filed had been rejected.
This represents a particular risk for the many companies that file their accounts near to the accounting deadline, as if the accounts are returned for rectification and subsequently filed late, the late filing penalty is inevitable.
Amazingly, a quarter fo the rejections are because the accounts submitted are nto correctly signed!
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