Government Delays Extension of Right to Request Training

Posted: 1st March 2011

The Government has announced that the ‘Time to Train’ regulations will not be extended this April to employees of small and medium-sized businesses.
The right to request time to train was included in the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act, which received Royal Assent in November 2009. In April 2010, it was introduced for those employed by organisations with 250 or more employees. Originally, the right was to be extended to all employees from April 2011 but, following a recent consultation, the Government has decided to take further time to examine the potential impact this would have on smaller firms.
In making the announcement, Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning Minister, John Hayes said, “It is vital that the right balance is struck between support for training and the need to minimise the burden of regulation for smaller companies.
“We have delayed implementation to allow further, thorough discussion, scrutiny and evaluation.”
The way in which the right operates closely follows the model used for agreeing requests for flexible working arrangements. Guidance for employers is available through the Business Link website.