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Divorce – Mediation First (By Order)

Despite the fact that divorces can be particularly acrimonious and in many it is obvious that the parties are too emotionally entrenched to settle things without going to court, the Government has… Read More

Businesses Don't Know the Law

The National Audit Office has confirmed what all small businesses know: the avalanche of red tape they are expected to cope with means that they do not know much of the legislation with which they… Read More

Changes to Employer Supported Childcare

Employers who offer childcare support to employees are reminded that from 6 April 2011, changes are being made to Employer Supported Childcare (ESC). Under the current ESC arrangements, employees… Read More

Appeal Court Highlights Difficulty of Reopening Divorce Settlements

Although it may be galling indeed when a former spouse goes on to great financial success, the Court of Appeal has again confirmed the high hurdles placed before a former spouse when their ‘ex’ goes… Read More

Short-Cut Slip Employer Liable

When people use, as a matter of course, an ‘unauthorised’ path to get from A to B, the property owner can have the same liability if an accident occurs that it would if the accident had taken place… Read More

Immigration – Revised Guidance on Preventing Illegal Working

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has updated its guidance for employers on preventing illegal working in the UK. This explains how to check that someone is entitled to work in the UK. If an employer… Read More

HSE Consults on RIDDOR Change

Following on from a recommendation in the recent Governmental report, entitled Common Sense – Common Safety, on the state of health and safety legislation in the UK, the Health and Safety Executive… Read More

Abolition of the Default Retirement Age – Draft Regulations Published

The Government has now published draft regulations abolishing the Default Retirement Age (DRA) of 65, which was introduced by the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006. The Employment… Read More

Insolvency Service Moves to Ban Farepak Directors

The Insolvency Service (IS) has announced that it is taking action against the erstwhile directors of Farepak, the Christmas Club business that went spectacularly bust in 2006, leaving more than… Read More

First Conviction for Corporate Manslaughter

The first-ever successful prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act concluded this week when Winchester Crown Court found Cotswold Geotechnical guilty in connection with the death of… Read More

JJB Seeks Second CVA

Sports retailer JJB is said to have sought the assistance of insolvency practitioners from accountants KPMG in undertaking a second company voluntary arrangement in two years. Under the previous… Read More

Polytunnels Not Environmental Issue

A farmer who wished to set up more than 50 hectares of polytunnels on his farm found his wishes opposed by environmental group Natural England in a case which went to the Court of Appeal. The… Read More

Agency Workers and the ‘Necessity’ Test

Alstom, the French engineering giant currently in the news as being under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office for allegedly distributing corrupt payments to secure contracts, featured in a… Read More

Risks to Pedestrians from Electrically Powered Gates

Following the deaths in 2010 of three children who became trapped in electrically powered gates, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued two Safety Notices on the risks such gates pose to… Read More

Know Your Contract Terms

When the terms of a house building contract exclude a liability for losses which might be incurred by the client for defective works, the client has no redress under a general duty of care. This… Read More

Failure to Disclose Means Case Continues

A recent case concerning the misuse of database information illustrates the wisdom of preparing comprehensive evidence in support of one’s arguments. Databases can be valuable assets and are often… Read More

Your Favourite TV Programme, Featuring ...

Product placement is to be allowed on UK television from 28 February following the issue of rules to govern the practice by Ofcom. There are limitations on the type of product that can be… Read More

Business Confidence Plummets in Fourth Quarter

The latest survey of business confidence from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales shows a sharp decline, with production industry confidence having fallen more sharply than… Read More

Swindling Accountant’s Assets Confiscated

An accountant who stole more than £1.3 million from her employers has been ordered to repay the entire value of her residual assets by a Teeside court. The accountant, who was jailed for four years… Read More

Bribery Act Delayed

The Bribery Act, which was due to come into force in April, has been put on the back burner and will not now be implemented until three months after the Government has released its guidance on the… Read More

Government Review of Employment Law – The Next Steps

As part of its comprehensive review of employment legislation, the Government has published a consultation document, ‘Resolving Workplace Disputes’. This seeks views on measures designed to improve… Read More

Changes in Tribunal Awards – A Reminder

Employers are reminded that the annual inflation-linked changes in limits on the compensation amounts which can be awarded by employment tribunals came into force today. The main changes are: •… Read More

Changes in Tribunal Awards – A Reminder

Employers are reminded that the annual inflation-linked changes in limits on the compensation amounts which can be awarded by employment tribunals came into force today. The main changes are: •… Read More

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