Medical Negligence Claims: Latest

Posted: 29th January 2011

edical negligence claims against the NHS are handled by the NHS Litigation Authority. In 2009/10, 6,652 claims of clinical negligence and 4,074 claims of non-clinical negligence against NHS bodies were received by the Authority. This compares with 6,088 claims of clinical negligence and 3,743 claims of non-clinicNHS Sign 2al negligence in 2008/09.

£787 million was paid out in connection with clinical negligence claims during 2009/10, compared with £769 million in 2008/09.
In a recent case, the parents of a young girl who suffered severe brain damage as a result of a lack of oxygen during her birth secured a settlement worth £9 million in compensation for her injuries.
Amy Smith, now 8 years old, was born twenty minutes after her twin sister at the Northwick Park Hospital in West London. The Hospital accepted that it had been negligent in its treatment of Amy. Had she been born 15 minutes earlier, the damage to her brain could have been avoided.
Another claim concerned a young boy who faces a lifetime of painful surgery and physiotherapy after NHS treatment failures.
Hayden Aspin was born in 1998 with both hips out of alignment, which meant that they could easily be dislocated. The treatments he was given to stabilise his hip joints involved painful procedures, including being fitted with a full-body splint. His parents had concerns over his treatment, however, and pressed for more information. An ultrasound scan subsequently showed that Hayden’s hips were being held in a dislocated position.
Because he did not receive the correct treatment when he was younger, vital time has been lost when Hayden could have been living a normal life. The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust admitted failings in his treatment and an out of court settlement was agreed.

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