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Polygamy Legal (for Division of Estate)

Polygamy (having multiple spouses at the same time) is prohibited in the UK and entering into a second marriage whilst still married is a criminal offence. This is not true everywhere, however… Read More

Medical Negligence Claims: Latest

edical negligence claims against the NHS are handled by the NHS Litigation Authority. In 2009/10, 6,652 claims of clinical negligence and 4,074 claims of non-clinical negligence against NHS bodies… Read More

Small Share Issues Back Become More Realistic

Smaller issues of shares became a more practical proposition recently when amendments to the Prospectus Directive took effect at the end of 2010. One of the big problems of ‘going to the market’ to… Read More

Attorney Guilty of Theft From Elderly Friend

A woman who abused a relationship of trust was found guilty of the theft of nearly £30,000 recently. The 63 year-old woman befriended another woman, aged in her late 70s and was given a power of… Read More

Sexism in the Workplace: Gray Pays Price

Following clips being placed on YouTube, Sky Sports presenter Andy Gray was dismissed from his job – said to be worth £1.7 million per year. The sacking represents a stark reminder to employees and… Read More

‘Garden Leave’ and the Right to Work

When an employer wishes to prevent a departing employee from having access to information that could be useful to a competitor or which would assist the employee in setting up in competition with… Read More

HSE Consults on Risk Assessment Tool for Shops

The Government’s review of the operation of health and safety legislation in the UK, Common Sense – Common Safety, recommended that the risk assessment procedures for low hazard workplaces, such as… Read More

Consistency In Planning Decisions Not a Necessity

Just because one planning authority behaves in a particular way, that does not mean another has to behave in the same way. That simple point scuppered a claim by objectors to a property development… Read More

What Goes Up When Times Are Hard? Fraud

Accountants KPMG have reported that the level of fraud in 2010 was up by nearly a fifth in 2010, with 314 incidents worth nearly £1.4 billion reported. The biggest sources of fraud are those… Read More

Government Dodges Cohabitation Again

The Law Commission is has published a consultation paper as a first step in the creation of guidance as to what extent the courts should regard pre-nuptial agreements as enforceable. The 147-page… Read More

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