Penalty !

Posted: 18th June 2010

Penalty !

The four-yearly celebration of the Beautiful Game is now well under way and few of us will not be touched by World Cup fever.

Not all the excitement takes place conveniently on a Friday or Saturday evening. Facing an inevitable clash of loyalties, more than 50% of small companies are expected to allow staff to watch matches at work during business hours.

In office environments viewing will be easier to facilitate than to prevent with every game of the competition being streamed online. There is just one small catch..

How many people know that you need a TV licence to view on a computer? Reportedly, a third or more of managers are not aware that they need to pay for their staff to watch the games online.

There is a penalty of up to £1,000 for unlicensed viewing, not to mention the hassle and embarrassment of a prosecution. All that can be avoided at the price of £145.50.

If you are uncertain of the requirements, check out the details at the TV licensing website.

So stay onside and enjoy the games without picking up unnecessary bookings! All at Williamsons will be wishing England the best of luck this evening.