SOS at Williamsons !

Posted: 19th January 2010

Why there is in fact anything but a crisis at South Somerset's newest law firm thanks to a new business partnership with one of the industry's leading software suppliers.

Williamsons has made a substantial early investment in specialist software designed for solicitors by one of the top legal IT providers.

SOS (Solicitors Own Software) of Bath has been chosen to supply its Practice Manager and Connect software. Database, accounts and management programs are already fully functional. Tailored case management systems will be developed during the next two to three months.

Michael Williamson is delighted to be working with SOS again. "I've dealt with them for over 11 years," he said."I felt they served me well in my previous business. Now we have the bonus of working with the newest versions of a product that we know to be fundamentally very sound."

"We have chosen to make a commitment to recognized and powerful technology that we hope will enable constant improvement in efficiency and service delivery"


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