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‘Too Wide’ Employment Covenants Not Worth the Candle, High Court Rules

Restrictive covenants in employment contracts are an essential means of protecting legitimate business interests. However, as a High Court decision showed, they need careful, professional drafting… Read More

Squatters’ Rights Are a Real Threat – Use Your Land or Face Losing It!

So-called squatters’ rights mean that when it comes to land ownership, it really can be a case of use it or lose it. In a case on point, three siblings who let the weeds grow in a field given to… Read More

The 'Good Work Plan' Phase Two – Protecting Vulnerable Workers

Following Matthew Taylor's 2017 independent review on modern working practices, entitled 'Good Work', in February 2018 the Government published its response and launched consultations on how best to… Read More

Self-Employed Radio Presenter Relieved of £140,000 Tax Demands

Distinguishing between employment and self-employment is a multi-faceted task and not just a matter of ticking boxes. That was certainly so in one case concerning a radio personality who was… Read More

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