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Divorce – Being Less than Frank About Your Wealth Is Anything but Clever

Some divorcees sadly think it is clever to be less than forthcoming about the value of their assets, thus rendering a fair division much more difficult. In a vanishingly rare case, big money divorce… Read More

Golf club member's contractual rights upheld

Golf ball

Club members who abide by the rules and pay their subscriptions have contractual rights. In a case on point, a judge came to the aid of a man whose cherished membership of a prestigious golf club… Read More

Woman hit by fairground lorry compensated


Event organisers and health and safety professionals should take careful note of a High Court case in which a charity was found partially to blame for an accident in which a woman was run down by a… Read More

The dangers of contracting by email


Contracting by email may be swift and convenient but such informality has serious pitfalls, including the ever-present risk that important messages may be misaddressed or end up in junk folders. A… Read More

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