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High Court Steps in after Wrong Candidate Declared Election Winner

The fairness of elections is a sacred tenet of British democracy and, where mistakes are made, only judges can put them right. A case on point concerned a town council election in which thousands… Read More

Arranging Credit for Your Clients? Can You Meet the Regulatory Burden?

Retailers of ‘big ticket’ items nearly always have to be able to offer credit facilities to their customers in order to stay in business. That, however, is an activity regulated by the Financial… Read More

Gross misconduct - suspension justified?

Departures board

Where employees are accused of gross misconduct, suspending them on full pay pending a disciplinary investigation is all too often a knee-jerk reaction. However, such a step is not always justified… Read More

Utility fined £2 Million for polluting stream

Rural stream

Those who take a reckless approach to environmental protection rules can expect to be hit hard in the pocket. In a case on point, a utilities company which allowed raw sewage to flow into a rural… Read More

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