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Informal Workspaces Good, Discriminatory Banter Bad – Guideline Ruling

Informal workplace atmospheres are positively encouraged by many employers, but they should beware of a culture of discriminatory and offensive banter developing. In one case, a mental health… Read More

Unfair Advantage Being Taken of Your Trade Mark? Don’t Put Up With It!

If you have spent time and money building up public recognition of your trade mark, you do not have to just stand by and watch others taking unfair advantage of your investment. In a case on point… Read More

Giving With Warm Hands to Minimise Inheritance Tax – High Court Ruling

The most straightforward means of minimising Inheritance Tax (IHT) payable on your estate is to give away your assets with warm hands when you are still hale and hearty. However, such gifts will… Read More

Tempted By an Exotic Investment Scheme? Is It Too Good to Be True?

It is easy to be tempted by exotic investment schemes that promise spectacular returns. However, as a High Court case strikingly showed, they are often too good to be true and it is always wise to… Read More

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