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Proceeds of Crime – Identity Thief Stripped of Cash and Swiss Watches

Identity theft is a blight on society and very far from being a victimless crime. As a High Court case showed, perpetrators can expect to be pursued by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and… Read More

Council Awarded Seven-Figure Damages for Flaws in Tram Depot Design

Disputes concerning major construction projects can simmer on for years after they are completed and one of the great advantages of litigation is that it offers finality. In one case, the High Court… Read More

Confidential Data Leaked to a Competitor? Consult a Lawyer Today!

Technical data and know-how are the crown jewels of many businesses but there is an ever present risk of them being leaked to competitors by disloyal employees. As a High Court case showed, however… Read More

‘Remarkable’ Young Girl Receives £16.79 Million NHS Compensation Package

Victims of clinical negligence, many of them highly vulnerable or very young, often show extraordinary courage in conquering their disabilities. That was certainly so in the case of a remarkable… Read More

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