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Pregnancy Sick Leave – Woman Awarded Damages for Insensitive Treatment

Workers on sick leave are entitled to be treated sensitively by their employers and all the more so where their health difficulties are pregnancy related. In one case where that signally did not… Read More

Property Investors – Make Sure Your Money is Secured From the Outset

Investing in property is very far from being risk free but usually has the advantage that monies advanced are secured against real ‘bricks and mortar’ assets. The crucial importance of ensuring that… Read More

Litigation Can Go Wrong from the Very Start Without Expert Legal Advice

The process of litigation starts with service of documents and, without legal advice, it is precisely at that point where things can go badly wrong. As a guideline High Court ruling in a contract… Read More

Trusted Employee Quit to Join a Competitor? Consult a Lawyer Today!

If a trusted employee with in-depth knowledge of your trade secrets resigns to join a competitor, it can pose a major threat to your business. However, as a High Court case showed, expert lawyers… Read More

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