Living will

Living wills

Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 we have the right to make our own living will– a document that enables us to communicate to medical professional and family members or carers decisions we have made about refusing certain medical treatments (advance decision) or how we would like to be treated (advance statements) at a time in the future when we no longer have the ability or capacity to communicate those wishes.

We all hope that we will be able to discuss with medical professionals how we are to be treated, making informed decisions as and when necessary in conjunction with our doctors but it is not always possible.  Illness may prevent such a dialogue.

If for example you are suffering from dementia, have had a stroke or perhaps lost consciousness following an accident at the time you are admitted for treatment you may not have chance to relate your wishes. A living will enables you to document these matters in case the worst happens.

Often we want to inform those treating us whether or not we wish to receive life-sustaining treatment. In ordinary circumstances medical professionals must always act in your best interests and whenever possible preserve life. Through a living will your informed decision to refuse such treatment becomes binding on those treating you.

We can advise you further on the benefits of making a living will, who else should be involved - and of course we’ll assist you in the drafting and execution of the document. Contact us now. Email or telephone 01460 200450.