Lexcel – the Law Society’s quality mark

There are many solicitors in England and Wales.  Choosing the best one for you can be difficult, especially when they seem to offer the same services.  One easy-to-recognise difference is Lexcel – the mark of excellence.

The Lexcel quality mark shows that a solicitors’ office has met high standards in the way it is managed.

A Lexcel firm offers:

  • Excellent client service
  • Cost efficiency
  • Minimum risks

Firms are examined thoroughly before they get the Lexcel quality mark.  Then they are checked each year to make sure they are still working to the same high standards.

Commitment to excellence

Whether you have a complex problem or a small matter to deal with, it is important that you get the best client service from your solicitor.  Firms with the Lexcel quality mark invest time and effort to make sure they are running their business effectively.

Understanding your needs

Lexcel firms make sure that they:

  • Understand what you expect
  • Provide a consistent level of service
  • Deliver what you expect

Continued improvement

Lexcel firms are always looking for ways of improving their client service.  They ask clients for their views and make changes accordingly.

Who can get the Lexcel quality mark

Lexcel is the quality mark that focuses on how a legal firm is managed.  It can be awarded to a range of legal practices, including sole practitioners (a single solicitor practising alone), law firms and legal departments in public and private sector organisations.

Finding a Lexcel firm

If you want to know if your solicitor’s firm has the Lexcel quality mark, you can ask them, or look for the Lexcel logo on their letterhead or marketing materials.