Debt recovery and enforcement of judgments can quickly prompt the need for understanding of two specific aspects of insolvency law and practice.

First, it may be that your best route to payment of any outstanding debt is through the appointment of a liquidator (company) or trustee in bankruptcy (individual) to take charge of the debtor’s affairs.  Often the prospect of this happening encourages proper attention to the situation and early resolution.

Whether you are contemplating the winding up of a company or the bankruptcy of an individual, we know when and when not to use insolvency procedures, how and when to make use of statutory demands and the particular pitfalls and strategies of either type of petition.  We also understand the more complicated scenarios involving partnership.

Secondly, as a creditor you may find your debtor’s insolvency, or the threat of it, a barrier to recovery. We are also very familiar with these situations, how to judge and assess them and finding ways around them where possible.

It follows that as in many areas, we are sufficiently familiar with all the issues that arise to play on either side, to be poacher or gamekeeper. We can offer a slick procedure for winding up through the Companies Court in London where we have arrangements with specialist barristers to cover hearings when necessary at highly competitive rates.

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