TropicalHoliday and travel claims

We deal with claims for compensation arising, sadly, out of various problems associated with holidays.  These include, for example, the quite common occurrences of Norovirus and similar food poisoning claims often associated with cruise holidays.

Sometimes injury claims arise because of defects in premises abroad, including hotels and restaurants. These can be quite complex claims involving allegations of breach of contract, rather than common law negligence.

It may be necessary or helpful to rely on the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 to sue a tour operator in this country.  Even so, a claimant may need to show negligence or breach of duty by local standards in Spain or wherever.

Holiday claims can be further complicated where travel, notably by air, is involved and there may be short limitation periods within which to bring a claim as well as limits on the amount that can be claimed all by reason of international conventions. 

These are specialist claims which tour operators and their lawyers are used to processing and defending.  We have yet to see a case in which a holiday company offered compensation to a disappointed holiday maker that was anywhere near the sum to which they were properly entitled.  Remember this is a rare type of claim in the course of which you can also be compensated for disappointment – because the holiday was supposed to be a special event.

Contact Williamsons Solicitors if you think you have a claim for compensation for losses and injury arising out of a spoilt holiday (or other special event).  Do it quickly in case it is a situation where one of the shorter limitation periods applies! Email or telephone 01460 200450