FamilyFatal accidents

No amount of money makes up for the loss of a loved one but those left to cope with the loss usually need to feel that justice has been done as well as getting some help to deal with what can be very difficult financial circumstances.

Fatal accident claims are different, dealing primarily with the rights of relatives and dependants rather than the injured person although in some cases there will also be a claim on behalf of the victim.

Compensation may include funeral and other immediate expenses, bereavement awards and, most significantly, dependency claims based on the loss of support – too often of the family’s main breadwinner.

As with other types of injury claim, we generally work on conditional fee – no win, no fee – terms, as will the expert barristers we work with where necessary.

These claims can be difficult emotionally and in other ways. You need the experience and understanding we can offer, drawing on whatever specialist resources are required. Contact us by email or telephone our personal injury experts on 01460 200450