Debt recoveryDebt recovery

We have decades of experience in commercial litigation that so often starts with the supplier’s complaint that invoices have not been paid.

Sometimes the pressure to produce the money brings out in to the open more complex arguments arising from the contracts for the sale of goods or for the supply of services. These may include, or consist entirely of, specific issues about such things as guarantees and indemnities, exclusion clauses etc.  These are all matters that we are also equipped to deal with.

We tend to classify as debt recovery claims where there is no direct defence at all or the debtor’s efforts to resist the claim appear to be stalling tactics.

Part of our expertise is in identifying these situations and advising on the correct response with regard to available proceedings, possible legal arguments, potential costs and jurisdictional issues.  We can guide you on evidential matters, offers to settle, specifics about cheques, claims against multiple or alternative defendants etc.

Where appropriate, we are experienced in the proper use of insolvency procedures whether as an alternative to proceedings brought to obtain a county court judgment or following judgment as an enforcement measure. We can offer a slick procedure for winding up through the Companies Court in London where we have arrangements with specialist barristers to cover hearings when necessary at highly competitive rates.

We are very familiar with the use of all enforcement processes, including bailiffs, charging orders and their enforcement by sale, attachment of third party debts, attachment of earnings and applications for injunctions to assist these processes where required.

We have expertise in particular areas such as guarantees and indemnities which may not just be the source of a dispute but also the prevention and cure.

We have access to sources of key information to understand the strengths and weaknesses of debtors from whom you are trying to recover money, and also to advise on prospects and the correct strategy where there is more than one option.  Again, we can make use of this to assist with prevention by vetting procedures.

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Whether you have a particular problem or you routinely manage portfolios of delinquent accounts, you will want an effective debt recovery solution that combines speed and economy.  Talk to us about what we can do for you.  Email us or telephone 01460 200450.