SurgeonsClinical negligence

The consequences of mistakes by medical professionals and support staff can be devastating both for the patients who are the direct victims of negligence and for their family and friends.

It may be incorrect diagnosis, incorrect treatment, delay in one or the other or both but often the result is sadly a situation that should never have existed or an outcome that could have been far less traumatic. Our health service staff do great work day in, day out but mistakes that result in death or shortened and impaired life spans are an increasing problem arguably because of cuts in funding, training etc.

As with any other culpable injury, the law entitles the victim to compensation not only for the (additional) pain and suffering and loss of amenity but also the cost of future care, adaptations, disability aids as well as lost earnings – past and future. In the worst cases there may be claims for relatives and dependants.

Often, problems are compounded by failure or reluctance of medical staff to identify problems with earlier treatment for fear that they may prompt a claim. Many doctors are understandably reluctant to criticize colleagues and encourage further action.

We are familiar with these problems and how to overcome them. We have access to experienced senior doctors and nursing staff who are able and willing to examine potential claims and provide the expert support necessary to succeed with litigation against powerful opponents like the healthcare trusts with their dedicated claims handlers and lawyers.

We also work with specialist barristers who are familiar with every aspect of this complex area. They will work with us on conditional fee - no win, no fee – terms as we will with you.

If you have, or think you may have, been the victim of a medical accident, poor treatment, misdiagnosis or delay causing injury or worsening of your condition then contact us now by email or telephone 01460 200450