IndustryBusiness leases

Landlords and many tenants of commercial premises will be familiar with the intricate and potential complications of business tenancies whether we are looking at it from the point of view of creation, termination or renewal. 

We deal with the preparation, negotiation and approval of brand new leases - acting for landlords or tenants.  Similarly, we are here to guide you through the renewal process, whether you are trying to up the rent or achieve a reduction! 

Renewals often go hand in hand with termination and if necessary actions for forfeiture, possession or simply collection of arrears of rent and service charges. 

Surrenders, licences to assign or to alter premises, enfranchisement and possession of residential premises are all matters that are within our scope. 

As with freehold acquisitions and disposals, very often the sale or purchase of a business lease will go hand in hand with the transfer of a business. Our property lawyers will be pleased to deal with all those related aspects – see Business sales and purchases

It’s an area of law and business where time limits and deadlines abound so don’t delay – contact us now!