Injured womanAssault claims

Most injury claims are based on an allegation of negligence or a breach of statutory duty which is generally a very similar concept. In many, though not all, cases there will be an insurance company involved and rarely any difficulty in enforcing judgment for compensation and litigation costs.

Sometimes injuries are caused deliberately, by an assault which may again give rise to a claim for compensation.  Many cases are minor and are dealt with by the criminal courts when convicting and sentencing the offender.

In other instances, because the attacker will have no significant assets or income, the best course is to consider a claim to the CICA for criminal injuries compensation.

In rare situations where the attacker is worth suing, then it may be wise to bring a claim against him or her instead of or alongside a CICA application.  One of the things that is worth remembering is that the usual three-year limitation period does not apply to claims for trespass to the person which may be brought up to six years after the incident.

Whatever the limitation period, it is always best to get started on a claim as soon as possible so don’t delay – contact us now.