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Transferring Money to Your Children? Always See a Lawyer First!

Parents who transfer money to their children should always take legal advice if they wish to ensure that their generosity does not end up benefiting others. The point was strikingly made by the case… Read More

Reasonable Employers’ Views on the Gravity of Misconduct Deserve Respect

Employment Tribunals (ETs) are not entitled to substitute their own view of the gravity of an employee’s misconduct for that of a reasonable employer. In one case, however, an ET fell into precisely… Read More

IT Company Wins Damages Following Client’s Repudiatory Breach of Contract

When contractual relationships break down, there is often a dispute over which side committed a repudiatory breach, or breaches, thus entitling the other to terminate the contract and claim damages… Read More

Poorly drafted covenants get picked apart!

Contract Drafting

The balance to be struck between the protection of legitimate business interests and the right of employees to make a living has never been easy to strike. In a case on point, the High Court picked… Read More

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