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No Sexual Component Necessary for a Valid Marriage – High Court Ruling

Every marriage is different and it is no business of the law to delve into the nature of deeply personal relationships. The High Court powerfully made that point in a foreign surrogacy case… Read More

Kids will be kids

RCJ (3)

Teachers are in loco parentis and bear a heavy responsibility to keep their pupils safe – but the law recognises that they cannot be expected to guard against every conceivable risk. The High Court… Read More

Professional gambling not self-employment

Poker cards

Professional gambling, no matter how sophisticated, organised or successful, is not by itself an activity amounting to self-employment. The Court of Appeal so ruled in a guideline decision in the… Read More

Auto-enrolment minimum contribution rises


Employers are reminded that the minimum required contribution levels to auto-enrolment pension schemes or qualifying workplace pension schemes (based on a worker's 'qualifying earnings') increase… Read More

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