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Can You Be Working When You’re Asleep? Court of Appeal Says No!

Many employees, particularly in the care industry, are required to sleep in overnight at or near their workplaces in order to provide assistance if needed – but are they entitled to receive the… Read More

Is dismissal without a right of appeal unfair?


It is very nearly always unfair to dismiss employees without affording them a right of appeal. The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) made that point in the case of a pizza restaurant employee who was… Read More

Suffering internet harassment?


Internet-based harassment is increasingly common, but the law is getting on top of the issue and does not hesitate to help victims. In one case, lawyers representing a woman who suffered several… Read More

Whistleblowing – information or allegation?


Workers who disclose information in the public interest are entitled to protection as whistleblowers – but what exactly qualifies as ‘information’ within the meaning of the Employment Rights Act… Read More

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