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Woman Let Down by Consultant Gynaecologist Wins £20,000 Damages

Even the most eminent doctors can make negligent mistakes and it is only right that patients who suffer should be compensated. In one case, a woman who endured months of needless anxiety and… Read More

Sick Pensioner Lacked Mental Capacity to Make a Valid Will

Those who delay making a professionally drafted will until they reach advanced old age are making a mistake for which their loved ones are likely to pay in the long run. In one case, a woman’s three… Read More

Solicitors are often friends as well as advisers

Solicitors are often friends as well as advisers to their clients and are well placed to offer protection at moments of vulnerability. Exactly that happened in one case, in which a terminally ill… Read More

Employment law and human rights


The impact of the UK’s human rights obligations on employment law is still a subject of much debate almost 20 years after the advent of the Human Rights Act 1998. In one important case, the Court of… Read More

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