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Be Careful What You Say in Public! Court Awards £35,000 Slander Damages

Claims of slander are rarely pursued nowadays, but one High Court case must stand as a lesson to all that it is wise to be careful what you say in public. An elderly woman who falsely accused a… Read More

Legitimate business reasons for garden leave


In an important decision that strengthens the hand of employers facing hard times, the High Court has ruled that a financial services company had legitimate business reasons for placing a… Read More

Mother awarded damages for ‘wrongful birth’


In an extremely rare ‘wrongful birth’ case, Omodele Meadows, who says she would have terminated her pregnancy had she been aware that her son, Adejuwon, would be born gravely disabled has been… Read More

Company fined after unsolicited texts sent


Unsolicited marketing messages are a modern scourge that causes upset to millions. However, in a case that showed that the authorities are far from powerless to deal with such abuses, a claims… Read More

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