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Staff Pregnancies – Don’t Let Frustration Lead You into Discrimination!

Staff pregnancies can be disruptive, particularly for small businesses, but it is vital that employers do not allow their decision-making to become infected by discrimination. In one case, a hair… Read More

Special Rules Apply to Air Carriage Contracts – High Court Guidance

The country where a contract is agreed is generally also the country where disputes arising will be tried. However, special rules apply to contracts relating to carriage by air and, in one High… Read More

Company fined for unsolicited marketing


Almost everyone has been targeted by an unsolicited direct marketing campaign, but the authorities are now getting on top of the problem and fines of up to £500,000 can be imposed on those who… Read More

Fan to pay £18,000 damages for internet post


Contrary to popular belief, you cannot say whatever you like on the internet and ill-considered comments posted in anger can prove extremely costly. In one case, a disgruntled football fan was… Read More

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