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Third party debt orders and client accounts


Third party debt orders can be a powerful means of enforcing judgments, but how do they affect funds held in solicitors’ client accounts? The High Court considered that issue in a guideline case… Read More

Employment terms ruled obsolete


Staff who are shifted between one employer and another have a right to work under the same terms and conditions as before – but what happens if such provisions become obsolete? A tribunal tackled… Read More

Injunction for party balloon suppliers


Healthy competition is one thing, but using a rival’s confidential information to gain an unfair edge in the marketplace is quite another. That distinction was at the heart of a bitter commercial… Read More

Parental bereavement bill gains royal assent

Sad couple

Under the law as it stands, employers are not required to give paid leave to grieving parents. Section 57A(1) of the Employment Rights Act 1996 gives employees the right to take a reasonable amount… Read More

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